5 Qualities of a Good Leader

This year, I took on the position of Children’s Ministry Leader. In some ways, this feels like nothing that special at all. Pastors and worship leaders are the important ones at church after all, yes? Yet I stand where I have always stood: I think Children’s Ministry is one of the most important ministries at church. […]

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Don’t Lose Heart & GraceFull Tuesday Link-Up

This present trial, these hard circumstances and messy hearts — they are here but for a moment. This will not last forever. Even more so, they are working for us a glory that is brighter, more amazing and this will last forever. So fix your eyes on the things unseen. Still your heart before Him, my friend, and lay down your heart. Lay down your hurt. Surrender your all to the Maker of your heart, knowing that His are gentle hands and they are holding your heart together. Look at the things which are not seen, listen to the voice of Truth that echoes bright in your heart for that small moment.

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Book Review: Boundaries for Your Soul

Do your emotions control you or do you control your emotions? Maybe it is guilt or shame you struggle with. Maybe you struggle with fear or anger. Often these thoughts and feelings overwhelm us and create chaos within us. Boundaries for Your Soul by Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller, shows you how to calm just that […]

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