Book Review: 100 Ways to Love Your Husband

Couples with great marriages know one simple truth. The best marriages are made up of many everyday decisions that say, “I love you” rather than those that say, “I love me.” When we put the other person first, even in little ways, we find true fulfillment.

100 Ways to Love Your Husband

100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson is just that: a list of ways for a wife to love her husband. This book offers 100 practical ways that for a wife to love her husband in the midst of the everyday. Maybe you have just entered marriage and want to make sure you love in practical ways. Or maybe you have been married for some years now. Maybe there has been conflicts recently, and something needs to change. Whatever season you are in, this book offers practical ideas.

I first read this list — or something very similar to this list — as a blog post. To be honest, I still think this would be better as a blog post than as a book. As a book, 100 Ways to Love Your Husband offers just a list and nothing more. While this is a very good list, I would want more from a book. Even so, this is a good list to read through once. So I would recommend this book if you are looking for practical ways to love. But I think this book doesn’t necessarily add too much more than that.

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I received a free copy of the book in exchange for a review. However, I was not required to write a positive review. These opinions are my own.

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