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Beauty in Change

I feel like I return to this place every year. At the tail end of summer, leaves turn yellow and my heart knows it needs to prepare. Because now comes the season of letting go. Now comes the season that will leave us bare, the season where we prepare for a small death of sorts. So summer ends, fall takes over and eventually — winter makes its way to us.

Here, in the natural changes of life — God speaks. Even here, God hears us.

My heart tells me what I already know: it can sometimes be so hard when seasons come to an end. When life changes and we have to learn it all over again. As the leaves are changing colors, and the world is turning a shade of golden yellow and broken red, I cannot help but think that there is so much beauty in letting go. That there is beauty in change.

My heart is now convinced of this. We need to let go so we can make space for something new. Sometimes we build on old foundations; but sometimes, we need to make space for something completely new. This is often something good. But it is also often one of the scariest places we face.

Because truth to be told, letting go isn’t easy. Sometimes, it feels like death. Darkness comes and some days we search for light, even the smallest glimpse, so desperate to see just a spark, a passing light — but there is a promise here too. We take up our cross; we let go and sacrifice; and we die to ourselves and to our dreams — and there is a promise of hope meeting with us.

We let go so we can make space to something new — new life, new people, new love, new places, new lessons learned. They will come, if only we let go of this season so we can grow into the new one.

Just as important it is to let ourselves grow into the new season. We need to prepare the land first, making it ready for planting. So we pluck out the dead parts, we leave them behind. We prepare the land for the months when it is frozen over. When the land freezes over? We do not lose hope, knowing that it is not finished yet. A new season will come, as the light takes on warmth and the ground thaws.

And in the end, we turn over the soil so it becomes soft. It becomes ready for planting and new growth. So it is with these seasons of life. Letting go is hard, and change can be difficult. But there is beauty in change as well. There is beauty in every season because we know these seasons serve a purpose.

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  1. Fall is a beautiful ending, but it always feels like a new beginning to me as well. I’m sure it has something to do with it’s gentle warning that the darkness is going to descend and the world is moving toward winter’s promissory slumber.

    1. It really can be thought of like a beginning too. At the end of fall, we get to go into the beautiful Advent season as well! Thanks for visiting here today, Michele.

  2. I love your thoughts on the seasons.

    Seasons have always brought me comfort. They remind me that hard things don’t last forever and beauty can change. No season is easy. But they are all beautiful in their own way.

    1. Thank you so much! I love that reminder as well — seeing the seasons in nature reminds me of the seasons in our lives. There is a time for everything, and the hard seasons won’t last forever. Thanks for visiting here today, friend!

  3. Ronja, I just love this post. I always ponder the seasonal change, but I can’t honestly say I’ve seen it as a metaphor for letting go . . . this was beautiful and thought-provoking today! Thank you!