Category: Advent 2015

walking through the advent together: day 22

Before the wise men give their gifts — gold, frankincense, and myrrh — they bring their hearts to Jesus. Beloved, may we do just the same this Christmas, knowing that gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh will not matter if our hearts are not bowed first. If our knees are not bended first.

walking through the advent together: day 21

These people knew Christ would be born in Bethlehem of Judea, that He would be the Ruler of the people of Israel — and yet, they did nothing about this information. They did not go seeking for the Messiah. They did not try to find out more about Jesus, though they knew He was to be born right there in Bethlehem, a town right next to Jerusalem.

walking through the advent together: day 20

God met these wise men, these astronomers — by a star, right there in their own area of expertise. Will He not do the same for us, beloved? He will meet us right there where we can see Him; be it by a star, by a peace that calms the raging storms in our soul, by love the fills our cups to the brim. He can touch gentle the broken, wounded souls. He can heal the cracked, fragile hearts. He can soften the hardened, angry person. He can shine light to the darkest, messiest situation.

walking through the advent together: day 19

It does not matter who it is that shares the good news with others. Whether we are like these shepherds, social outcasts. Whether we are like Moses, and barely get a word out the right way. Whether we are like Peter, and speak before we think. It does not matter whether we have the skills we think we need to share the good news with others. What matters is that the good news get shared.