5 Qualities of a Good Leader

This year, I took on the position of Children’s Ministry Leader. In some ways, this feels like nothing that special at all. Pastors and worship leaders are the important ones at church after all, yes? Yet I stand where I have always stood: I think Children’s Ministry is one of the most important ministries at church. […]

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When You Want To Quit

“So what do you do?” someone asks — and for the first time, I don’t have an answer. I help children who have problems with communicating, is the easy answer. But that does not tell you what exactly it is that I do. Because mostly, I try to figure out ways to make these children do […]

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No Matter Our Circumstances, God Can Make Us New

That is the thing, though. Every time, we have to choose to see when it is time to let go — of the winter, of our hurts, of our shame, of our past. Every time, we have to choose to come to the One who makes all things new, who gives us a new heart. We can hold on to the promise that Jesus makes us new. The old is gone and all things have become new.

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