Be Patient & GraceFull Tuesday Link-Up

Patience isn’t exactly easy. We know that patience is a virtue and one of the fruit of the Spirit. But patience always comes with waiting. And in today’s world? We work to eliminate everything that requires waiting.¬†Sometimes it feels like there is a mountain in between what God said and promised to us and what […]

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When You Want To Quit

“So what do you¬†do?” someone asks — and for the first time, I don’t have an answer. I help children who have problems with communicating, is the easy answer. But that does not tell you what exactly it is that I do. Because mostly, I try to figure out ways to make these children do […]

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No Matter Our Circumstances, God Can Make Us New

That is the thing, though. Every time, we have to choose to see when it is time to let go — of the winter, of our hurts, of our shame, of our past. Every time, we have to choose to come to the One who makes all things new, who gives us a new heart. We can hold on to the promise that Jesus makes us new. The old is gone and all things have become new.

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