what hinders our thanksgiving

I keep coming around to the same end point, that giving thanks will always be only good for us. It costs us, that is a sure thing — it costs us our hearts, lost as the Lord transforms them into something more beautiful. It costs us our comfort, as we need to lift our eyes from ourselves into the things of God. It will be painful, too, knowing our sinful hearts and praising our God, the One who gives and takes away.

It might just be the hardest thing in this season, giving thanks when everything reminds us of just how much we are missing. The elections, this pain, these broken relationships, the lost job, the house lost, these never-changing circumstances — it is painful to find gratitude in us. Yet, in our brokenness, we find our meaning as we find our Lord in every moment and in every place.

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You Still Matter

Dear one — I hear the fears running through your mind, I feel the iron grip that your strongholds have on you. It hurts, beloved. It hurts so much, I know. Those words, they cut so deep and the wound just does not heal. That person having left and gone, it hurts and your soul […]

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You Are Already More Than Enough

My friend, you are a beloved child of God. You are so loved. You are loved by your Maker, who has woven together the strings of your soul and He has made you beautiful, just as you are. He is bigger than any storm you are facing right now, bigger than any mountain in front of you. His heart is breaking alongside your heart. He is not disappointed in you. He is never disappointed in you. He knows the things you have done, the things you did not say and the things that went just plain wrong — and it is okay.

That is why He sent His beloved Son, bending down from Heaven to meet with us here, right where we are.

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Do Not Lose Heart

This present trial, these hard circumstances and messy hearts — they are here but for a moment. This will not last forever. Even more so, they are working for us a glory that is brighter, more amazing and this will last forever. So fix your eyes on the things unseen. Still your heart before Him, my friend, and lay down your heart. Lay down your hurt. Surrender your all to the Maker of your heart, knowing that His are gentle hands and they are holding your heart together. Look at the things which are not seen, listen to the voice of Truth that echoes bright in your heart for that small moment.

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