It’s Okay to Rest

In these weeks of busyness, striving — and facing disappointments, I needed this reminder today. Maybe you need this reminder as well. So I dug this one out of the archives and I’m sharing this repost of an old one. “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give […]

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When It Is Hard to See Hope

It’s easy to fall into thinking it is hard to see hope. When your plans keep crashing down? When your dreams fall apart right in front of your eyes? Maybe you have been waiting for healing; yet healing has not come. Maybe the change you have been waiting for seems to be deeply frozen like the […]

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Small Victories in the Dark Seasons

Right now, life seems to be a fertile ground for great victories. But now is not the season of celebrating great victories. I am too tired, too stretched thin. I stumble and I fall. In those seasons, it is hard to see any victories at all. Maybe you know those moments. The hard conversations, the unwarranted accusations […]

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