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Currently April 2019

Happy April, friends! This month will be an exciting one, it seems! It is such a special time with Easter coming closer and closer. I’m excited to go through some Easter lessons in Sunday School with the children. Of course, Easter also means that there will be a long weekend off from work. That doesn’t sound bad at all!

At the end of this month, I will be traveling and I’m already looking forward to that. Because of traveling and the way this month works, I will also be taking three weeks off from ministry. For the last half a year, I have been serving almost every Wednesday and Sunday in some way. Between that, working full-time and managing a blog — well, I have been pretty tired. Weary, even. So taking a few weeks off from ministry and going on vacation should be just the right thing right now!

I am once again joining Anne in Residence for the Currently link-up, where we share bits and pieces of things that are currently going on in our lives. Join us, if you want!

Currently: April 2019

Experiencing a lot of new things as this year I am focusing on taking care of myself. So I have learned to say no every once in a while. I have also learned new things! Last week Mom took me to a wreath making course and I made a wreath for the first time in my life. It definitely wasn’t round but I was still very happy with it. I also started learning Spanish.

Appreciating the warmer and sunny spring days. I mean, it is still not warm compared to the rest of the world. And we even got snow on Sunday. But all the sunlight and bright evenings make my heart so happy!

Wishlisting swimsuits and summer dresses right now. I am traveling to Croatia at the end of this month, and I am hoping it will be warm there. At least last week it was +20C in there so here’s to hoping! Also going on a vacation seems like good enough excuse to buy a new swimsuit and summer clothes! 😁

Posting less on the blog than I meant to and would have wanted to. The first months of the year have come with lots of paperwork and taking courses for work, which is why I haven’t exactly felt like writing too much on top of that. But now I am done with most of the paperwork for a few months. So I’m hoping to stumble more into this space.

Considering learning to do wood carving in the summer. I absolutely love wooden spoons and other wooden things in the kitchen. So I thought it would be fun to learn to do them myself. Spoons and spatulas might be fairly difficult for a beginner to do but maybe cutting boards?

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  1. I’m always grateful to connect with you in this space, Ronja. I love April and the hope of what lies ahead! Your travels to Croatia sound like a wonderful adventure. Thanks so much for doing what you do and providing a place for community here each week! I’m thankful for your words, wisdom, and the truth you share!

  2. I’m excited about April and the coming of Easter and spring, too. I finally got outside and got some help with a flower bed. Hoping to make the front of the house look nicer this year. I had lots of rose bushes which I love but they just weren’t doing well so we took out some that were pretty sorry, left the healthy ones, and added some new things. Yaaay! Now for the backyard … LOL.

    1. Donna, getting to work on your flower beds already sounds just wonderful! I’m sure there is always more to do but there will be so much beauty with what you have already done.