Currently // December 2017

Hello friend! So I have finally completed my 4-month-long speech therapy internship. Which means that I am finished with pulling off 40-hour weeks and spending the evenings writing school assignments and such. Which, then, means that I have more time to spend in the corners of this space — with you, dear friend. I am so glad you still come to these parts.

These last few days have been quite the celebration, as Finland turned 100 years old. With snow on the ground and a blue sky, the Independence Day was beautiful.

So today I am joining Anne In Residence, a few days late to share with you a little bit what my life looks like currently.



Currently: December 2017

Lighting candles every evening. The days are short here in Finland, with darkness falling around 4:30pm. Which gives me all the reasons to light beautiful candles. Just for that, I don’t mind the darkness. I have a few scented ones, but I am fairly sensitive with the scents.

Spending time trying to learn how to relax right. So far, I have been watching Christmas movies in the evenings while lighting up candles. Up next is reading, once I get over the tiredness and can stay awake for reading.

Choosing the last of Christmas presents. I have bought most of them already. But there are a few I can’t seem to figure out what to get them. Good thing there are still days to go!

Sending out Christmas cards. I haven’t been much for sending Christmas cards on my own before, as we have done that as a family. But I guess it’s finally time to grow up and start sending Christmas cards!

Singing Christmas songs when no one is listening. Mostly while I am in the kitchen, baking or cooking something. I truly love this season of the year.


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  1. Honored that you used your new free time to join in the linkup 🙂 Congrats on completing your internship!

    And I’m with you – it gets dark around 5pm where I live, which I don’t really like, except for in the Christmas season when I can have the cozy glow of the Christmas tree and candles. I do love this season too!