Currently / October 2018

Hi friends! It is that time again: time for the Currently series. Today I’m joining Anne in Residence once again to share bits of what is currently going on in my life.

Currently October 2018

Currently / October 2018

Wearing scarves! Also, I am starting to wear layers because mornings are pretty cold here by now. But I am most excited about getting to wear scarves again. Like I mentioned last week, jeans and knit tops are my favorites too. So excited for this season.

Collecting ideas for fall-related self care. Fall tends to be such a busy season at work. This is a hard season, and I’m getting to that place where I have to admit I need to start resting and taking better care of myself.

Making soups because soup is the perfect meal for fall in my opinion. Butternut squash soup is a favorite. Chicken noodle soup is amazing, too. All sorts of lentil soups are so comforting. Especially when soup comes with freshly baked bread — there might not be anything better! Except that all the desserts are so good, too. I love apples and I’m looking forward to all the apple goodness like crisps and cakes and pies.

Taking the time to read more, as part of self care. There are many good books coming out this fall, and I have a good few lined up to read. Right now I’m reading Suffering by Paul David Tripp and it is such a good book for this season. I will be posting a book review on that soon.

Planning some Christmas stuff — or starting to plan it already. Honestly, I don’t know if I like this or not. I’m the type of a person who thinks Christmas should be celebrated in December and only in December. But now is the time to plan stuff for our church’s Children’s Ministry, if we are to make it happen. And I’m excited about that!

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  1. Good for you knowing it’s a hard season and planning self care accordingly! Reading is my absolute favorite form of that… I’ve been into YA books lately – feels like such a fun escape 🙂