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I Think It's Brave

I think it’s brave when you get up in the morning even though your soul is so weary. A broken, bruised heart is the heaviest of all. So I know it is not easy to wake up to a new day, to get up once again. Yet you have done it, and keep doing it. That quiet strength looks beautiful on you.

I think it’s brave that you keep on keeping on, even through this confusion and pain. I know there are days when you are ready to give up, so many of those moments in one day. Yet you keep on going; you keep on living. Yet you hold on to hope. I think it is brave and even more so, I think it is absolutely beautiful.

I think it’s brave that you choose to push through the pain every day. Those tears that keep flowing from the well that is inside of you? Are the mark of beauty and humanity in you. And I can see, that no matter how the sorrow tries to drown you — you still come up for air, still keep pushing through the pain.

I think it’s brave how you surrender to the Lord once again, even though your dreams and hopes keep coming undone. True strength is found not in performing greatly but in daring to dream again. I think it’s brave how you pick up the broken pieces once again, though they cut your heart deep. Still you believe that wounds will turn into scars, making you a warrior.

I think it’s brave how battle with depression and dark days time and time again. I know the darkness drenches your soul more often than you would like to admit. That is why I think it’s absolutely brave for you to keep trying, hour after hour, minute after minute.

I think it’s brave that you keep wanting to walk close to the Lord, that you want to grow — when it has been difficult, painful, and sometimes quite exhausting so far. Your willingness to try is an inspiration.Ā I think it’s brave that you keep coming to church every Sunday, though you are breaking apart. It is so brave to show up and to show your heart, to show your brokenness to us.

Friend, I want to tell you this: that you are brave and beautiful and created wonderfully just as you are. And I pray, that you see it as well.

GraceFull Tuesday Link-Up

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  1. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for the truly brave things we do every day by the power of God. In our media saturated context, we’re constantly looking for heroic acts, but sometimes the bravest things are done in hidden places.

    1. Yes! Honestly, the bravest things tend to be the small things done in the hidden places day in and day out. Thank you for stopping by here today, Michele!

  2. I’ve just spent a year and a half going through this and I didn’t feel brave because there were times when I just couldn’t get out and face the world. But now looking back and with others encouraging me I can see that I was brave in the situation we were in because others walked away and we didn’t and now we see a change for the good. God is good.

    1. Yes, Sandra! We easily set these standards for what is brave and make it be those acts that are seen. Yet I think that sometimes the bravest thing is to actually remain in a hard place and not be moved. So it sounds to me like you were incredibly brave indeed. šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Ronya, your post today reminds me of Annie Downs’ book, 100 Days to Brave. You can find my review of it on my site at sarahgeringer.com/book-reviews. Glad to link up with you today! Sharing your post on Twitter.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation, Sarah! I’ve heard of the book but I haven’t read it yet. I’ll have to read your review. šŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by here today!

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! There is so much bravery in the smallest of acts indeed. Thank you for stopping by here! God bless you

  4. Ronja – thank you for the encouragement to see the little and big things we do every day, as brave – even if they don’t feel like it. this is an awesome post, thank you for sharing it and for the linkup. Blessings