Book Review: Not Yet Married by Marshall Segal

Not Yet Married by Marshall Segal

There are a lot of Christian books on singleness as well as on marriage. I have read quite a few of them. And in all honesty, there aren’t that many books that I would recommend. Not because there aren’t good books. It’s mainly that many of them hold a certain view of singleness or marriage, yet reference to the Bible very little. So the point the authors are making is based more on experience than on the Bible. But that is not the case with Marshall Segal’s Not Yet Married.

Now it is true that the Bible doesn’t address singleness at all. Still, it speaks a lot to singles as well as to married people. And Marshall Segal points it all out in his book, Not Yet Married. I have read quite a few of Marshall Segal’s articles online, and I have liked them for being based on the Bible. And Marshall Segal does the same here: he addresses singleness, dating, and marriage all from the point of view of what the Bible says. With great points and good examples included.

Like I mentioned, I have read quite a few books on singleness over the years. Yet as I read this book, I felt like I was gaining a lot. There were many good points that I want to consider now as I’m waiting for that possible future marriage. That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all singles as well as those in a dating relationship.

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  1. Thanks for the review and for linking up @LiveLifeWell! While I am married now, I was single until about 28 and really could have done with a good Christian book on this topic. I am thankful that there are those out there who God blesses with the ability to write from the heart and to the heart!



    1. Thank you for sharing this, Amy! It really was a wonderful thing to discover this book that covers the topic of singleness in such a biblical, balanced way. God bless you!