what I do not want to tell you

This Sunday, our pastor reminded us how we all, in fact, have these wicked hearts and that is not going anywhere. Anything good that is in me, in my actions? It is not me at all. It is Jesus. So here I am, with confessions to make because I want you to know me — just like I want to know you.

And I am sorry — for trying to make you believe impressions and not the whole truth about my heart. I’m sorry for not making space for the whole of your heart, either.

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when it is time to let go

That is the thing, though. Every time, we have to choose to see when it is time to let go — of the winter, of our hurts, of our shame, of our past. Every time, we have to choose to come to the One who makes all things new, who gives us a new heart. We can hold on to the promise that Jesus makes us new. The old is gone and all things have become new.

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