seeing ourselves with God's eyes

We make it sound easy, denying ourselves and taking up our cross daily. But this figure of crucifixion, means that the destruction of our flesh is attended with intense pain. Sometimes, denying ourselves means giving up the lies and thought patterns we like to hold on to — and choosing to see ourselves as with the eyes of God. Sometimes, it means extending grace to ourselves and others when we would rather give in and give up. And sometimes, following Jesus means just that — becoming His disciple, and joining God in seeing the world and His people the way that He does.

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why love is worth the fight

Those words stayed with me long after I read them —┬álove is always worth the fight. These spring mornings, I wake up early enough to be waking up with the sunrise. These spring mornings, I watch the light play in the curtains as the first rays of sunshine make their way in. It is a […]

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what I do not want to tell you

This Sunday, our pastor reminded us how we all, in fact, have these wicked hearts and that is not going anywhere. Anything good that is in me, in my actions? It is not me at all. It is Jesus. So here I am, with confessions to make because I want you to know me — just like I want to know you.

And I am sorry — for trying to make you believe impressions and not the whole truth about my heart. I’m sorry for not making space for the whole of your heart, either.

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