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the battle is the Lord's

This war might be brutal and harsh. This battle might last longer than we have strength to hold on to, making us weary and ready to give up. But we count those blessed who endure, who keep on standing – because most often, strength is not required of us but perseverance and patience, willing to keep standing and keep holding on

just be brave

I am only starting to learn what it means to be brave in the midst of this mess that is called life — how to share from this trampled soul of mine; how to touch gentle with His redeeming love; how to pour out the overflowing grace and pour into that darkened place of a broken heart. But I know this: that though I am not, I know the I AM. I know the One who has set us free. And maybe we truly are building the walls of Jerusalem here — brick by brick, side by side and all the while, His brilliant grace will show us the way.

live brave and reach out with grace

To be honest, most days I do not know either how to reach out with grace. But I have confidence that the Lord will show me the moments when to reach with grace, and surely the how will follow just that. And in the kingdom of the God Almighty? There are no small or great actions — there is only grace, freely flowing grace that reaches beyond any boundaries or limits.

His relentless grace will carry us through (Psalm 142, part 4)

This week, my friend, let us exchange our rebellion for His grace. Let us pray for His grace to touch our heart and our eyes, to give us a perspective of His relentless grace carrying us in every season. Great mercy is shown to us every day, every moment — and it is because His scandalous love wants to weave this translucent hope into the strings of our soul.