the battle is the Lord's

This war might be brutal and harsh. This battle might last longer than we have strength to hold on to, making us weary and ready to give up. But we count those blessed who endure, who keep on standing – because most often, strength is not required of us but perseverance and patience, willing to keep standing and keep holding on

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words for those who have lost someone

But most of all, He is our Father who watches His children walk away every single day — and certainly He knows this heartbreak better than we do. Because it is only Love incomprehensible that sees the wickedness in our hearts and calls for us, wanting to wash us clean time and time again. It is only Love incomprehensible that forgives time and time again, as we walk away knowing full well we are doing it. It is only Love incomprehensible that has His heart broken over His children every moment, and yet suffers long that we might repent and return.

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10 Scriptures for the tired heart

These fall mornings always are the ones where I feel like my soul is being put together bit by bit, every piece hurting and yet, so right. The crisp morning air so pure and raw; the bright shining sun reflecting on the ground and glinting on the frosted tops of the grass. And yet, this time is […]

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