weekly grace and links

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We are already 10 days into March, which means we are 10 days into the Lent — this season of prayer, of offering our hearts to our Lord, bowing down in repentance as we reflect upon the great sacrifice of our Savior and the great sinfulness of our wrecked hearts.

It feels as if this Lent is coming at the right time, this season of having held ashes in my hands, this dark season having burnt away what I thought was mine to hold and leaving me what I always am left with: the Lord by my side. This season of walking towards hope through the deep sorrow, is what my heart has been living now for some time — and I have come to see that what we can always behold, is the beautiful grace of our Savior, this Love more magnificent than we would dare to expect. Oh, what beautiful hope there is for these wretched hearts of ours, now so wholly beloved.

For dust you are, and to dust you shall return.” (Genesis 3:19)

On another note, I read this review of Dunn Brothers Coffee, and it left me hoping that I would live in the States. The beautiful photos make for an enjoyable read, too. Maybe one day I will get to visit!

Soul-edifying reads from around the internet:

5 Lessons Learned About Life, Loss, Love, and Addiction. Jon Cyrus lost his daughter to drugs, a sorrow that I cannot even imagine. But here are five beautiful lessons that have risen out of the sorrow. God is always at work.

Very needed words for my souls over here:  The Expense of Forgiveness. “It was for their own souls that the Israelites were commanded to sacrifice daily, and it is for my own soul that I am called to a similar, painful sacrifice. I am called to give up my right to an apology and to forgive extravagantly.”

I am saying yes to all of this: The Spark Community Requires“For some reason, we believe impressing other women will lead to connection and community, so we expend effort on building an image rather than revealing ourselves. But until we lay down our defenses, until we stop trying to shield our insecurities and shame from the eyes of others, we will not experience the friendship that goes beyond the surface level, the kind we so long for.”