Weekly Grace and Links

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This week I was pondering on our imperfections and how our imperfections are truly beautiful. Perfectionism is set deep in me, and I keep forgetting this: that for Jesus, it was never about convincing the Pharisees and the Sadducees with clever arguments. For Jesus, it was never about the number of followers or how many people liked what He said. For Jesus, it was never about performance — it was always about walking with the broken and the hurting, with the weak and the lonely. It was always about the hearts of men.

So this has been something I have been learning: to see our hearts through the eyes of grace and the beauty of God working in and through our imperfections. 

Bethany’s guest post here on how her children have encouraged her faith was featured on Richella’s blog, Imparting Grace.

Good reads from the internet:

God Has a Purpose For Your Pain by Jarrid Wilson. God has a purpose for our pain, even if we do not realize it or see it yet. He can redeem all things, because He is the One who created all things.

Why the Church Doesn’t Need Any More Coffee Bars. This post has been one of the most powerful ones I have read this week, all of this resonating in my soul in a deep way. It is so easy to get lost in striving when we need to remember that what every single one of us really needs — is Jesus, and only Jesus.

The Devil Knows How to Discourage You. But the way to counter that discouragement? Is to give thanks. Sometimes, the best things are the hardest ones to learn but learning to count the gifts of grace and give thanks is truly one of the best things.

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