What To Do When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers?

What to do when God doesn’t answer your prayers

This question in my inbox always breaks my heart. “I don’t think God wants to answer my prayers. Why should I continue asking Him and praying anymore? It doesn’t seem to be of any use.”

And the thing is, I totally understand. I relate to this because I have been in this place myself. I have poured out prayers for weeks and weeks, only to be met with silence.

So what can you do when God doesn’t answer your prayers?

Pray For Your Friends

Oswald Chambers suggests, “If you are not getting the hundredfold more, not getting insight into God’s word, then start praying for your friends, enter into the ministry of the interior. ‘The Lord turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends.'”

To be honest, I never made the connection before I read this from Oswald Chambers. Of course, I do not think that is the one way to get God to answer prayers. But still, I believe there is something very special in praying for our friends.

So often I find that when I need encouragement, I am cheered up when I encourage others.

Is God Saying No?

When you are praying for something, are you waiting for God to answer yes? Could it be that God has answered with a no?

These days, we have a hard time accepting “no” as an answer. Often we wait, and we keep on waiting until God says yes. However, no is just as valid an answer. But do we usually listen for the no? I think not. And when God might be saying no, we still keep on listening only for the yes.

So search your heart. Is it possible that God is saying no to your prayers? Are you only listening for the yes, therefore missing God’s answer?

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  1. Great question, Ronja. I have wondered about this too. We are told to “ask, seek, knock”, but there have been many times my prayers have not been answered. Thanks for your discussion here.

    1. I guess this is a question we will battle with many times over our lives. Thanks for visiting here today, Laurie. God bless you!

  2. I don’t know who first said it but … God always answers prayers. Sometimes He says yes, sometimes He says no, sometimes He says wait, and sometimes He says I have a better idea!

  3. Dear Ronja, thank you for the reminder to pray for those we care about while waiting for God to answer our prayers. I’ve seen that manifest into blessings in my own life.

  4. No wonder the Bible appears contradictory to some people, Jesus promised to answer didn’t He? 2 Corinthians 1:20 says the answers are yes and amen. But from personal experience, it has to do with the sowers sowing the word and it not being understood, and taken by the enemy, and sometimes He is just merciful, I had a hard time dealing with the passing of two prayer warrior friends, 32 and 51, but I know they were just to tired of fighting. The wait for His time is worth it, and His love and peace are perfect, if only we can there, we have hearts for the miraculous, I have seen that too. I hope that helps.

  5. It’s true that God always answers prayers. Sometimes the problem is that we ask amiss. Also, we cannot receive from Him without faith. And how can we have faith if we don’t know what He has already said. Faith comes by hearing God’s word. But these days there are so many distractions trying to get in the way. Thanks for sharing, Ronja. Many blessings to you!