Book Review: Whispers and Wildflowers by Sarah Beth Marr

Whispers and Wildflowers by Sarah Beth Marr

Do you find yourself constantly busy? Does this life make you, deep down, feel soul-weary? Friend, you are not alone. I am right there with you. But when we strive to keep up our busy pace, we can easily miss out on a deeper connection with God. Because of the busyness of life, many of us feel overwhelmed and feel far from God. But there is hope. In Whispers and Wildflowers, Sarah Beth Marr helps women develop a regular practice of withdrawing from busyness to realign and refresh their hearts, minds, and souls.

When I was offered a copy of this devotional to read, it felt like this book was written for me. Honestly, it still feels like it because life is just so busy all the time. I feel overwhelmed easily, as the weeks stretch long. It can feel hard to stop long enough to build a deeper connection with God, when I have been pouring out all day long. Which is why this reminder of hope was just perfect for this season.

Whispers and Wildflowers by Sarah Beth Marr is such a beautiful devotional. Each of these devotions are a few pages, which makes them long enough to truly give you insights and thoughts to dwell on. Still they are short enough to add to your daily devotional time. Each devotion was encouraging, while at the same time a little challenging. But most of all, these devotions were beautiful and warm-hearted. Each page helps you to build a stronger, deeper connection with the Lord.

I know I will keep returning to this devotional time and time again. There were such good insights to reflect on. And the feel of this devotional is just so warm and full of hope, it is easy to keep reading this. I would recommend this book to any woman feeling weary and overwhelmed, or in the midst of a busy season of life.

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I was provided a free copy of the book in exchange for a review. However, I was not required to write a positive review. My opinions are all my own.

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  1. What a beautiful review, this book sounds so good. I, too, am always too busy, trying to slow down. Thank you for sharing this encouraging option. I am your neighbor at Spiritual Sunday link up. (My post is “The Diligent Intentionality of Slow Feet.”) Sweet Blessings to you!

  2. Ronja, I read and reviewed this book as well and agree, it was an encouraging book to read. I am going through it again with a small group of women in April 🙂

  3. This sounds like a lovely book! Right now I’m working through Bonnie Gray’s book, so that’s enough for now. Thanks for sharing this great review! Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #Grace&Truth.