God Will Wait For You

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I’m sharing an old post as this is speaking to my heart right now. I pray that God meets you with these words, as well. May you be blessed, my friend. I have been reading Isaiah 30 for days now, unable to leave this chapter. These pages are full of glory […]

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Christian Fiction Books To Read This Summer

Summer is here, and so are the warm and relaxed days. (At least here in Finland! We have been enjoying some incredibly warm days, which is very unusual for early June.)¬†Summer is here, and so are the beach days.¬†Also all the days in the park, possibly on a picnic. Maybe you get to start your […]

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Summer Bucket List 2019

Every year I make a summer bucket list to make sure I enjoy the summer, hopefully to the fullest. I find it is a good way to plan for the summer, without scheduling every day to the fullest. I always want to make sure I relax during the summer. However, I also want to make […]

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