Book Review: Irresistible Faith by Scott Sauls

Irresistible Faith by Scott Sauls What if Christians became the best advertisement for Jesus? That is the idea behind Scott Saul’s book,¬†Irresistible Faith.¬†Jesus said His followers would be a light to the world and a city on a hill — a warmly inviting, neighbor-loving, grace- and truth-filled destination for all.¬†Irresistible Faith is a blueprint for […]

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Book Review: Freedom! By Jennifer Renee Watson

Brokenness. We wear it like a badge, proudly showing off the shattered pieces of our lives. And yet we still fight the same desperate battles, without moving forward. Brokenness was never meant to be the destination. Or our identity, for that matter. It was meant to be the catalyst for breakthrough. To be honest, I […]

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Favorite Books I Read In 2018

Books are one of my favorite things to receive. However, I find it hard to give books as gifts at times. There are so many things to consider when you give someone a book. Do they like fiction or non-fiction? Do they read slow or are they intimidated by hundreds of pages? Have they ever […]

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