the blessedness of trusting the Lord

Blessed is the man who trusts that this is the Almighty God, that here is the God With Us, the One who cares for our needs and grieves over our pain and holds our breaking hearts in His gentle hands.

So we trust in the Lord, we hope in Him — knowing that no powers or things present or things to come can separate us from His love. We are safe in His hands, these scarred hands that bled for us keeping us, holding our hearts together and molding us into something so much more beautiful. These are the hands that shaped the world, and surely they will shape our future into something glorious as well.

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God is our defense

But it is seen in those moments spent in the deep darkness of the night, those footsteps following blindly after God — that it was His right hand upholding us all along, holding our hand and strengthening us, looking out for us. We need but to turn to Him to see that He is right here, right next to us, His hand firmly holding ours and His love pouring healing grace on our wounds. If only we were to see that in everything, we can turn to our gracious God and our loving Savior. He is greater than any problems, any trials that we face. He is greater than any of our sorrows. He is greater than any of our pain.

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10 Scriptures for the tired heart

These fall mornings always are the ones where I feel like my soul is being put together bit by bit, every piece hurting and yet, so right. The crisp morning air so pure and raw; the bright shining sun reflecting on the ground and glinting on the frosted tops of the grass. And yet, this time is […]

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