Currently: August 2019

Happy Tuesday, friends! It feels like it’s been forever since I actually spent some time in this space. So it feels nice to be back here today. I’m coming today with a little update on what’s going on in my life. It somehow feels like a good way to come back here, before we move on to another topics.

How has your summer been? What has been the highlight of your summer so far? I’m writing a post on how I’m getting along with the things on my summer bucket list so I will post an update on that as well soon.

Currently: August 2019

Ordering some fancy dresses online to try. I have a friend’s wedding to attend at the end of September and I definitely need a new dress for that. But it’s surprisingly difficult to find one, especially since I’m petite (5’2″) and most dresses are too long for me…

Watching very little anything these days as I have been reading. I’ve found some amazing books to read so I’ve been reading a lot these days. Next I will be starting Annie F. Downs’ Remember God and I’m excited to get to read that one.

Cooking very little these days still, as I’m trying to eat all the salads now before it gets too cold. Although I am looking forward to making all the soups this fall once again.

Wondering a lot these days about God’s answers to prayers. Praying has been a lot on my mind. But right now I am in a season where it seems like God’s answers to my prayers are pouring in quickly. Sometimes I wonder if it can be like this, whether God really can answer prayers this fast this many times.

Savoring the warm afternoons. Nights are starting to get pretty cool here in Finland but the days are still wonderfully warm. I’m loving this time of the year!

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  1. I feel your dress-shopping pain! For both my married sons’ weddings, the hardest part of all was finding a dress that worked for a wedding and felt like “me”!

  2. I’m in soup & stew weather now Ronja, here in the southern hemisphere… Very cold at the moment!
    God is God, He can answer all our requests at once if they align in His timing for us, so enjoy the blessing dear friend! There will come a time when a ‘wait’ or a ‘no’ to a request will come in His wisdom, as I’m sure you may have already experienced in your relationship with Him.
    Bless you,