Currently: February 2019

Happy February, friends! This month started with celebrating as yesterday was my sister’s birthday and the day before that was my name day. I feel like celebrating is a good way to start any month, haha.

Today I am joining Anne In Residence to update you on some thing currently going on in my life. Do join us as well, I love to read these posts!

Currently: February 2019

Anticipating that the latter half of the month will be a bit more restful. I am so looking forward to that. Week 8 is a winter vacation here so schools and most daycares are closed and people are on vacation then. That means that I will have fewer client sessions then, too, as some clients will probably be on vacation. I have been going through an online course as well, and it will finish next week. So that will provide more free time as well, which is nice!

Going on a Valentine’s Day date with my best friend — and I am still laughing about that. A local, amazing cafe is hosting a Valentine’s Day cake tasting. Which sounded like something both my best friend and I will love. So we asked her husband if it’s okay that we go, and of course he said yes. Here in Finland we call Valentine’s Day actually Friends Day, so it seems somehow fitting.

Making small changes in my life to allow more time for self care. This seems like such an important thing to do, yet it’s hard to make those changes and actually putting them into action with such a busy schedule. This week I am trying to go to bed earlier, making that last hour of the day a time for reading. Possibly even journaling at some point. So far I haven’t managed to go to bed earlier but I want to!

Watching This Is Us for the first time. The show started airing here in Finland for the first time only now (what?!). I had to start watching it, as I had heard so much about the show already over the years. So far, I am totally hooked. It really is such a good, although emotional, show. Still I kind of feel like I am a thousand years behind everyone else on this.

Wearing a thousand layers still as the temperatures are still below freezing. I know I will be so excited when, finally, I can start wearing fewer layers and some other shoes than snow boots. But we are not there yet. That is the downside of living in Finland, where we have winter for at least five months!

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  1. I’ve always been more into the friendship aspect of Valentine’s Day than the romantic side, loving to make little cards or gifts for the ladies in my life, so it’s fun to hear the Finnish approach to it as “Friends Day”. And going to a cake tasting for the occasion sounds AMAZING. Hope you get to enjoy some lovely down time later this month 🙂

  2. That cake tasting sounds like such fun, and I love that Valentine’s Day is Friends Day in Finland. That’s awesome! I’m not with anyone, so I definitely think of Valentine’s Day more in terms of friends. 🙂


    1. Lauren, I’m right there with you! As a single, I really like thinking Valentine’s Day more as a Friends Day. And I find that we just don’t celebrate friends often enough!