Currently: June 2019

Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s the first Wednesday of June, meaning that I’m joining Anne in Residence for another update on all things currently going on in my life.

June 2019

Currently: June 2019

Picking out some places to see in Finland this summer. I’m vacationing the whole July and I wanted to do something special on my vacation. While I have traveled a lot around the world, I have actually seen very little of Finland. So I want to change that now and go on a road trip! I’m thinking about traveling up the east coast and seeing central Finland this time (I live in the south myself). Although I want to visit Lapland one day as well!

Going to train for a 10K this summer. I often pick up running, only to get sick and then stop running after a few weeks. But I’m determined to run this summer. So I picked an easy-ish training plan where I run three days a week and on two days, I run only 2-3 miles. It sounds easy enough but I’m sure I will think otherwise in a few weeks. 😅

Wishing lots of beautiful weather for this summer. Usually June is fairly cool but right now, we have a heat wave so we’re off to a good start!

Wearing all the wonderful new summer clothes! It seems like this year, the summer clothing lines are just my style, and therefore I find myself buying new clothes fairly often… I found a straw hat from H&M, just the kind I have been looking for these days. Now I’m looking to buy new sandals and flats for the summer.

Celebrating this step into adulthood: I bought a car. And not just any car, I bought a brand new car! Already last year I decided I would buy a new car this year. This is because I drive so much for work, as I travel to my clients’ daycares and homes. I think I drive about 2 hours every day for work (that is included in my working hours). So I wanted a car that would be big enough to be safe on the big roads, and new enough to work for several years.

Looking forward to eating all the summer food, as well. These vegetable skewers with halloumi and this fresh mango salsa will soon be on the menu for sure. I planted some zucchini in my garden so I think I will be cooking a lot with zucchini over the summer. I don’t think I have ever tried zucchini bread so this summer might be the time?

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