Currently // March 2018

It is March! I have always loved March — but I think that is mainly because my birthday is at the end of March. Yet, it seems like the first signs of spring always come around in March. (Here in Finland, though, it takes quite the longer time for spring to actually arrive. But the light that comes in is just beautiful and gives hope.)

Once again, I am joining Anne In Residence to update you on what is happening currently in my life. I’d love to hear about your life, as well!

Currently March 2018

Currently / March 2018

Planning Easter break right now. My birthday is on the Thursday just before Easter and I have a week and a half off from work. Both of these call for planning something special around Easter! Of course, celebrating Easter — or rather, what Jesus has done for us — is very important.

Seeing all the sunshine and light, and it makes me so happy.

Making roasted cauliflower soup and Irish soda bread for these winter days. It is snowing right now. Thankfully, it is finally getting warmer and spring might eventually be coming. For now, though, soup and freshly baked bread is exactly what I am craving for.

Pretending that I know what I am doing. I am learning to be fine with not always knowing what I am doing or what I should be doing as a speech therapist. There is so much learning that happens only by experience, and I don’t always do well with not being on top of all situations.

Wearing a dress for a change. It is International Women’s Day and I’m going to one of the fine dining restaurants in town with Dad to celebrate graduating soon. It is my first time in the restaurant, as it can be fairly difficult to get a reservation. So it will be an experience!

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  1. Wow, that’s some perfect spring break timing with your birthday – hope you get to make some fun plans! And I love getting to try new restaurants – sounds like a perfect occasion 🙂