February Favorites

February Favorites

February Favorites

Hi friend! How has you February been? I don’t know about you but it feels like February went by in like a week. With a different Bible reading plan this year, I started reading the book of Exodus only now. I am seeing why God has it this way for me this year. It has been such a blessing to read all that the Israelites had to go through after leaving Egypt. Yet, in every step of the way, God was with them and He provided for them.

This month I wrote about when God’s plan looks different than ours. This is something that we all have to go through in different seasons of life. We are great at planning so many things, yet forgetting that it is all in God’s hand in the end. I also wrote about allowing failure in church and as believers.

I got to read some great books this month, too. Kiss the Wave by Dave Furman was easily my favorite. It holds such a good, biblical, and beautiful view of suffering and its meaning in the life of a Christian. I have read quite a few books on suffering over the years, and this has become one of my favorites. This is also one that I will keep recommending to others.

Online Reads

I Learned It the Hard Way: Our Best Life Is Later. In this post, Phil A. Newton shares what he considers a failure to cultivate hope in Christ — and I thought this was beautiful. We all walk through suffering, and we experience death around us. But there is hope beyond healing, hope beyond our life here and now.

Can a Woman Biblically Teach of Preach in the Church? This is a topic that has been popping up in the last few weeks after John Piper’s article. So many women have roared in anger, disagreeing with Piper. Yet, I believe Piper was right and this article from Rosilind Jukic is great for explaining why. We must judge and interpret Scripture against Scripture, always.

Favorite Songs

Quite a few songs have been on repeat this month, as always. Loved by Fresh Life Worship is such a great song and holds a great message. Fragile Heart by Leanna Crawford has been a song that has spoken to my heart. With my studies in Exodus, I was so happy when I stumbled upon My God Fights For Me. So good.

What was the best part of your February, friend? I’d love to hear!

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  1. My favorite part of February? Hard to decide. It’s held valentines, Lent, hubs’ birthday, visits with family and now it’s over! I’m looking forward to longer days and hopefully warmer ones too! Visiting from Patricia’s linkup.