January Favorites

New year, and apparently a thousand new blog series? Oh yes. I am starting this monthly series, where I collect all my favorites from the past month. Just because I like to share!

January Favorites

In January I managed to read a few books. Books have still been on the back burner because I am writing my Master’s thesis. But I have also been sick quite a few times so that has given me more time to read. In the Middle of the Mess by Sheila Walsh was a great read from this month. I also started to listen to Harry Potter audiobooks (read by Stephen Fry) and I am hooked! It has been fun to listen to the audiobooks while driving up north for work.

After getting sick quite a few times, I made sure to be more intentional about self care. It seems like all that is included in my journey with my word of the year: be still.

I got into making no knead bread in January. I baked a loaf last weekend — a healthier version made with part oat flour and some oat bran. Now I am looking forward to making this miracle no knead bread and some soup next weekend. Now is also that time of the year to make shepherd’s pie. 

Online Reads

Prompt obedience — was there ever a more important lesson to learn and more difficult to teach?” Somehow, there was so much comfort for me in this post. The idea of not being in a hurry, as long as we obey, truly gets to the core of life for me right now. There is no need to hurry to change — as long as we obey. There is no hurry in getting this project, that thing done — as long as we obey.

She is Broken, and She is Beautiful. “But underneath the layers of practicality and hard work something beautiful and miraculous is happening. It’s people, broken people who’ve been mended by the gospel, showing love to one another by eagerly accepting the task they’re fitted for so another member can do the task they’re fitted for.”

When Your Life Disappoints YouThis story was so beautiful in all the sadness. I could not stop reading it.

If You’re Not Sure of Your Purpose, Follow Your Passion. Such a good and timely word on our purpose and passions. This is something I tend to ponder upon at least once every year. Even more so now that I am coming to the end of one season.

The Comfort of Renewal in the Midst of Change. A beautiful illustration of how God’s purpose for us can look different in different seasons. It can be confusing at times, yet we can always trust God.

Favorite Songs

My favorite songs this month have been Overwhelming by Jeremy Riddle, Reckless Love by Cory Asbury, and He Always Wins by Matt Hammitt. Also, I just rediscovered The Gray Havens and I’m so glad I did.

What has been your favorite thing in January? Did you read a great book? Share with me in the comments — I would love to hear!

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