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Last Thursday I started a new series on my Instagram called Coffee Talk Thursday. The idea is to open up my heart about a certain topic every week. Topics that we might all be struggling with. My idea is to also add Instagram stories at some point, to go even more personal. Today, I’m sharing here what I shared there last Thursday. About learning to be enough. God knows I have had to do a lot of learning with that.

Learning to be Enough

Learning To Be Enough

One of my biggest fears in life is not being good enough or not being enough in general. So much of my childhood was about performing and getting great grades. Mainly because when I performed well, I would be noticed. I thought that was love. So I learned to equate good performance with being loved. With being enough to be loved.

I notice, how it lingers in my mind even after all these years of being a believer and learning about grace. I still try to perform well to be loved. And I still feel like I need to be enough to be loved. So I strive and perform — and I completely miss the mark of what God wants me to be.

Here’s the thing: I am never enough. You are never enough. As we are, wrecked sinners in this broken world — we can never be enough when measured against God’s standards. But Jesus is enough. And Jesus in us — is enough. That’s where the scandalous grace comes in and fights for us: to make us holy and perfect, day by day. We will never be complete while here on earth but every day we can be a step closer.

Just the other night, I spoke with a friend and told him I was absolutely exhausted. I knew that the next morning I would be at church early for worship practice. “That’s good,” he said. “Not good in the way that it will be enjoyable, necessarily. But God will work through you when you don’t have the strength to do it in your own power.”

And that’s it, isn’t it? That’s what we need to see. The fact that we aren’t enough isn’t the end of anything. It’s the beginning of everything — because that is when God comes in.

GraceFull Tuesday Link-Up

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  1. Amen! We may not be enough, but Jesus is more than enough for us. Only in Him are we complete. Thanks so much for this reminder, Ronja. Blessings to you.

  2. I wonder if you are a 3 on the Enneagram. Have you done much reading about that? Threes are do-ers, and understanding motivation for our behaviors and what we do in stress and in health is so helpful.

    1. Michele, I actually have never looked into the Enneagrams though I have heard so many people talk about them! I think I should check it out.

  3. “Little ones to him belong, they are weak but he is strong!” Sometimes we think that children’s song is about kids, and only kids! We think that now that we’re grown, we have to have it all together for God. thanks for sharing your encouragement with us!

  4. The world tells us that strength is king. God says it’s weakness… b/c it’s then that we can know HIS sufficiency. A lesson we need over and over and over. thanks

  5. Love your ending. Knowing we are not enough is just the beginning. That’s where God comes in. I can so relate to this post. I was performance driven in my childhood. Working on changing my thinking, now.

  6. Thank you for this beautiful post. I also struggle with being enough and it’s taken me many years to understand that I am enough in Christ. That is the gift that He gives to each of us.