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My friend, here I have collected into one place these certain post series that I have on the blog — hoping that these would bless you, making it easier to read through a series.

Practical Faith


Relationships are beautiful, but they can bring some challenges on our ways as well. There is much wisdom and truth that we need to hold on to in all our relationships — whether it’s friends, dating relationship, marriage or with our children.

College / University

Here are some posts that reflect on life in college or university and the challenges that we possibly face there.

Psalm 142:  Praying in Times of Great Distress

This blogging series walks through the Psalm 142 and reflects on the lessons we can draw from this beautiful Psalm.

  • Praying with David through Psalm 142 (part 1)
  • How to stop ourselves from murmuring (Psalm 142, part 2)
  • Our help when we are overwhelmed (Psalm 142, part 3)
  • His relentless grace will carry us through (Psalm 142, part 4)
  • God is our refuge (Psalm 142, part 5)
  • Our battles have a purpose (Psalm 142, part 6)
  • God will always come through for you (Psalm 142, part 7)

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