Pray For Those Who Serve & GraceFull Tuesday

I shared this over my Instagram a few days ago. I still feel strongly about this; so I am sharing this here as well. Because honestly, those serving the Lord this week do need your prayers. We all do, now, don’t we?

Pray For Those Who Serve

This week has been so odd and wonky, with this lingering anxiety that I can’t place anywhere. Nights have come with nightmares — just last night I woke up several times from a nightmare, telling the Lord that these were trying to destroy my soul and my mind. Because that’s just how it felt.

Today I was pouring out my heart to the Lord, asking Him to come through for this weary soul of mine. And that’s when I realized, that this week comes with serving and trying to do things God’s way. So it is only natural that there would be spiritual warfare. And can I tell you? Every time I teach Sunday school. Every week I’m involved in worship. There is so much spiritual warfare, though at times I have a hard time recognizing it.

This week, friend? Pray for those at your church who serve. Pray for your pastor. Pray for the worship team. Pray for those who teach kids. Because the truth is, they are very likely to be struggling with spiritual warfare.

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  1. Hi Ronja! Oh yes, it is a spiritual battle we face, just like Paul said in Ephesians 6:12! The enemy would like nothing more than to shake our faith especially when we are in the middle of serving our Lord. But, we need to pray and remember that God is stronger than our enemy and He is with us every step of the way!


  2. What a great reminder! I’ve certainly had those moments of crying out to God to fight for me. And the beautiful thing is, He does fight for us. It’s so easy to forget to pray for our churches, too, so thank you for that reminder!

    1. Emily, it really is so wonderful to see God fight for us and come through for us! Thanks for visiting here today, friend. God bless you

  3. It seems that for the past four years, ever since I started blogging as a ministry, that is when my trials and tribulations have ramped up to what feels like a crescendo these past five months. I will be leading a women’s bible study in a few weeks, and if I’m being honest, there is a fear in me of “what’s going to happen next??” But that is playing right into Satan’s hands. He wants us to be fearful, but greater is our God! All of His power and strength and protection are ours in Christ Jesus.

    Thank you for the reminder to pray for those who serve.

    1. Karen, you are so right with everything you said! The enemy wants us to be fearful and quit — but God is always greater!

  4. Hi Ronja, you are so right about spiritual warfare. I have had a couple attempt to knock me out of blogging, it helps to remember the phrase from the parable of the sower, satan comes immediately, but he is not omnipresent, it it usually with old lies and fears, and to wear you out. Greater is Jesus in us.

  5. Yes, we are in a great spiritual battle, the enemy of our soul’s is alive & well on planet earth BUT he is a fallen foe as Jesus has already conquered him & his cohorts!
    We walk in victory! 😀

  6. Wow! You are very right about the spiritual warfare. Praying for all who serve including you, Ronja! Thank you for hosting! Blessings to you, Sister! 🙂

  7. You are so right, Ronja! We are in a spiritual battle all the time whether we recognize it or not and sometimes it will be more intense than at other times. We are quick to click our tongues when someone falls or struggles, but we have the responsibility to pray for those who lead and serve. If not, we are accountable before God, too.