Summer Bucket List 2019

Every year I make a summer bucket list to make sure I enjoy the summer, hopefully to the fullest. I find it is a good way to plan for the summer, without scheduling every day to the fullest. I always want to make sure I relax during the summer. However, I also want to make sure I enjoy the summer and won’t just be at home cleaning.

This year I actually have the whole month of July off. This means that there are a few more items on this list. This bucket list is, however, in no means one where I have to have everything done. It’s just things that would be awesome and fun to do during the summer.

Summer Bucket List 2019

Summer Bucket List 2019

  1. Go stargazing.
  2. Have a picnic.
  3. Make fresh lemonade (or soda).
  4. Go on a hike.
  5. Go to the beach.
  6. Visit a national park.
  7. Try a new ice cream flavor.
  8. Bake cookies.
  9. Go berry picking.
  10. Bake a berry pie.
  11. Go on a road trip.
  12. Go tent camping.
  13. Visit a new city.
  14. Visit a new museum.
  15. Feed ducks.
  16. Go to the farmer’s market.
  17. Go to a new restaurant.
  18. Visit a castle.
  19. Visit a church.
  20. Have a movie marathon. (Finally maybe the Lord of the Rings?)

Have you made a bucket list for the summer? I really recommend making one. You can have a look at my previous ones here and here.Β If you have reading books on your bucket list, come back on Friday. I have listed some of my favorite Christian fiction books to read this summer. You can also read my book reviews here for some suggestions.

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  1. Love your summer bucket list! We have a list of activities, too. It’s so much nicer than scheduling the whole summer, but it ensures we make time for fun. Going to our favorite ice cream shop is definitely on our list (more than once!)

    1. Thanks Becky! Going to an ice cream shop is an awesome thing to have on your list! I’m definitely adding it to mine now.

  2. I bet you are looking forward to July! So wonderful that you have the whole month off to work on your list. I hope you get all 20 things accomplished. That would make a fun summer!

  3. Your summer bucket list is awesome! Love everything on it. And, no, I’ve never thought of doing a bucket list for specific seasons like summer. What a great idea!

    1. Thanks Karen! I think it’s a great way to make sure I’ll make time for some special things without making summer stressful. 😁

  4. This is a great way to plan a fun filled summer with out having each day over scheduled and crammed. I like the idea of have flexibility to pick something fun from the list to do each day. πŸ˜‰

  5. That’s a great list ronja.. I stargaze. Don’t even try to count them. Ice cream, I tried Rocky Mountain Fudge recently, the beach is good and the museum, I’m brushing up on art no pun intended.

  6. Great list Ronja! It’s winter here in Australia so reading indoors & movie marathons sound a great idea! Although on our sunny days I do try to get out for a walk down to the water, though the icy blasts of wind don’t let you linger long πŸ˜‰ .
    Bless you,

    1. I sure have reading indoors and movie marathons on my winter bucket lists as well. 😁 Thanks for visiting here Jennifer!