To The Girl Waiting For The Right Guy

Waiting For The Right Guy

Girl, I know it is hard to wait. I know it is so hard to face rejection after rejection and the fear of never finding the right guy. But the right guy is worth waiting for. Stop settling for guys who do not wholeheartedly follow Jesus. Stop dating guys who are “good” but do not follow Jesus, who do not bring you closer to Him.

If a guy does not follow Jesus, he cannot love you right.

He can treat you great but if he has no desire to grow closer to Jesus, he will not be good to you in the long run. If he does not believe in Jesus, you should not be dating him at all. Yes, he might be okay with you being a believer but if he is not one, he will not be able to encourage you or challenge you or call you out when you sin. He might be okay with your faith now but he will also be okay with your sin.

You do not want that, dear friend. You want someone who challenges you to correct your ways. Someone who reads the Bible with you, grows closer to Jesus with you, and prays with you and for you.

Friend, f you find yourself saying “I know he is not (perfect/patient/humble/faithful/growing closer to Jesus) right now but it will get better” – please, don’t believe yourself. You are worth more than that. You are worthy of a guy who honors you and respects you above all else. You are worthy of a guy who will challenge himself to become better so that he can love you right — right now, not in the future.

Because you will do just the same for the right guy. You will see your flaws and you will want to grow, become better so that you will love him rightly. You will give him your heart, your time, your everything – just to be with him and to make him happy.

You were not created to be married, you were created to honor Jesus and to fellowship with Him. 

Girl, singleness is not a curse. You are not single because God does not love your or because He is punishing you. So it might be that it will take weeks, months or even years before the right guy comes along. But that is because God wants to use you as you are right now for His glory. Please, don’t rush the process. See what God has for you in this season of singleness and make the most of serving Him, as you have freedom with your life and with your time right now. You can do amazing things, and you do not need a guy to do all that.

Dear one, your heart is so beautiful as it is already now. Root and establish yourself in God’s Word and how He sees you — and do not let relationships define you. Your singleness is not a sign of unworthiness or failure. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made, and the Lord is using this season to make and mold your heart.

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  1. Hi Ronja! It’s a pleasure to visit your site again. I am not single, yet I applaud you for your courage on speaking out on this topic. I especially like – ‘You were not created to be married, you were created to honor Jesus and to fellowship with Him.’ So true. Keep pursuing him with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength and He will become your first love. Blessings to you!

    1. Yes! This is a great addition, Olivia! Thank you so much for sharing this one with us, you are so right. Single ladies are so needed!

  2. Hi Ronja! There’s a lot of pressure on girls to hurry and get married, especially in places like Africa. Some who give in without waiting for the right guy end up full of regrets. Sharing this on my Facebook page, Aunty Edith, and elsewhere for my young friends and students to read. Bless you! (Christian Blogger Community)

    1. Edith, I know it is just the same for so many of us here in Europe as well. There is so much pressure put on girls to get married young and to find “the right one” at a young age. You are so right, we can so easily end up with regrets if we do not wait for God and for the right one. Thank you for visiting here and blessing me! God bless you!

  3. Hi Ronja! I’m married but I think you offer sound advice to women who are waiting on the Lord — and for those who desire to trust Him more. Stay encouraged and continue to abide in His grace!

    1. Thank you for your prayers, sweet friend! God sure is so good to us, giving us what we need and walking with us every single step of the way. God bless you this weekend, my friend!

  4. Wonderful words of wisdom, not only for a single girl, but for all of us to honor Jesus and fellowship with Him as our first and foremost relationship.


    1. Thank you for these wise and kind words, Karen! It is so true that we should first and foremost fellowship with Jesus. Our relationship with Him is the most important one. Thank you for visiting here today. God bless you!

  5. Having spent much of my adult life unmarried, I understand the longing for marriage, family and even just ‘fitting in’. Equally important as the right man is the right time. You are so right! Our ultimate purpose is to serve and glorify God. Single or married have the same purpose.
    There is the tendency to want to rush God, especially as you see the years tick by. Hold for his timing, there is no situation he can’t redeem and no heartache like walking outside God’s will for your life.
    Continue to speak boldly!

    1. Thank you so much for your wisdom here, Loretta! Right timing is so important as well. God is right here with us for every step of the way when we wait, and it’s so important for us to wait for His timing. Thank you for visiting here today. God bless you!

  6. You have much wisdom to offer younger, single women longing for their soul mate, the man of their dreams. God was gracious to me and brought along the right man at the right time. Prior to that, I had dated many others, but the Lord graciously kept me from entering a relationship that never would have worked out. I would not advise anyone to try that path. It’s a slippery slope.
    If you have a relationship with Jesus, He is and always will be your first love as Ronja said. He is all you need. Trust Him to lead you where He wants you to be. He made you and He knows your heart.
    Great post, Ronja.