trusting in Him at all times

I've been here before

“Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.” (Psalm 62:8)

At the beginning of this year, I chose – very much so guided by God – a word for the year; a word that I felt would in a way direct how I draw closer to God this year: trust. Three months into the year, I am seeing how God had His hand upon this word from the very beginning and upon all that life is throwing my way. I am learning how to trust God with all at all times, and I am learning so much

The Hebrew word for trust in Psalm 62:8 is batach; to trust, to have confidence, to be bold, to be secure. This trust that comes with confidence and security, it allows us to truly pour out our hearts before Him and this is the beautiful grace of God. We can trust God because His Word tells us that He is a refuge, a shelter for us. We can trust in Him because all that we are, is secure in Him. No matter the storm in our lives, He is a shelter for us.

“But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10)

Those trials that seem to bend and break you? That pierced, shattered heart of yours; that soul aching dull? This day when you do wrong and nothing is right, or when life is overwhelming and just plain too much? That loneliness, hurt, rejection, fear creeping in? God knows it all; He has seen them coming already long before they are happening. He knows the way that we take because He goes before us but also because He goes with us.

But when He has tested us, when we come out of these trials? We shall come forth as gold because He has refined us and there is joy waiting for us.

“Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; but he who trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him.” (Psalm 32:10)

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