walking through the advent together: day 18


 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying:
“Glory to God in the highest,
nd on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” (Luke 2:13-14)

Yesterday, we looked at the shepherds, socially outcast and out in the fields by themselves. Deep darkness surrounding them, there appeared an angel to share the most joyful news ever announced. But then, suddenly, there was a heavenly host praising God — not just one angel but a whole group of angels, all coming together to praise God. Spurgeon writes, “And, verily, it was good news to them [the angels], for the heart of sympathy makes good news to others, good news to itself.” Beloved, should not we be like the angels, eager to sing the good news to others — for these are good news for us, too.

These days I wonder ofter, do I remember to lift praise whenever I feel His touch in the circumstances of my life? Because I cannot help but see the beautiful image of this heavenly host joining together to praise our Lord, the joy and reverent love pouring through each and every note sung.

Even more so, I love the message that this heavenly host sang — they sang of the holy Babe, laid in a manger because the whole of humanity had no room for Him, our Savior who would bring salvation for us messy and broken people. They sang of the Glory of Heaven that stooped down from His throne to be born in a stable. Yet, this small Babe was the God in the highest, the Most High God in flesh — and so worth all the praise and worship.

Friend, to be honest, these days it seems difficult to face those next words, “on earth peace” — because we look at photos of the refugees every day, we read the news of terrorist attacks on a daily basis. We hear friends lose their parents to cancer; we hear our people face yet another miscarriage; we watch our close ones walk away from the Lord; we lose our loved ones.

But here is the Prince of Peace, our Savior who walked the broken road to Calvary just so we might know that peace now exists, in us.

So we pray, “Let a river of peace flood my soul, O Lord” — trusting that He will do just that, our God and our Refuge, our Prince of Peace. The darkness goes deep and we are weary, worn from fighting the battle day in and day out. Yet, on earth, peace — and our hearts can now join the heavenly host, singing of the glory of God that touches our souls and heals our brokenness. Because this road has been walked already before us, by the One who bore the weight of this world on the cross and gave us life.

So let your heart sing, beloved. Let your soul join the heavenly host in singing of the goodness He has done.

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