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It was my birthday this week, and it is interesting to see how different birthdays look in the course of a life. Right now in this season of busy adulting, I sat in class for hours and came home to only work hard to meet a deadline for my Master’s thesis. There were many cups of coffee to keep me going, and thankfully some ice cream as well. Still, the Lord answered prayers and He filled me with joy that can come only from Him. The day was full of happiness, small surprises, and such sweetness — a great gift from the Lord.

God has been reminding me lately not to be in such a hurry to get through the seasons. To everything there is a season; but we are so quick to get to the beauty and joy that we skip over the season of brokenness. Yet, there is beauty rising amidst the brokenness as God gives beauty for ashes and He is making our hearts new. While weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning.

This week I wrote this piece on Knowledge Needs Love, and how we always need love to accompany our knowledge of the Word. Satisfied by Jordan Feliz has been on repeat here the last few days.

Good reads this week:

When Lent hurts. This is a beautiful post by Annie F. Downs, that I so relate to. I gave up — for Lent, and it has been quite journey so far. It is scary to open up a fragile, hurting heart to others and to trust them to keep it. It is painful sometimes, being vulnerable but not be received.

The Most Important Bible Study Tools, part 1 by David Guzik. ” It’s easy to forget that the best study and explanation of Biblical truth comes from a life, not just a process or a method.” David Guzik is full of wisdom, and here he makes the case that the most important Bible study tools are found in our character, not methods. I so agree.

Small Steps: How to Change Your Day With a Single Phrase. “My friend Kelle taught me this once, and her dad taught her. While I’m prone to measuring the temperature, to reading the room, to quietly adjusting my own layers to better acclimate, a thermostat declares the room cold and makes it warm. We all hold in ourselves the power to transform – in ways small and large – a room, a year, a life. We can make it hot or cold. We can make our homes into caves or havens; we can make our days stretch or snap. It is ours to decide, and we must decide.”

The Dirt Where Happiness Grows. Valerie always manages to make me laugh and her photos are a delight to look at. But this one here, it puts into words what has been forming around in my heart this week.

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  1. Ronja,
    Happy birthday! So glad you enjoyed peace and sweet surprises of God’s love on your special day and I’m honored that you included my post in your links! xoxo