Which Book of the Bible Should I Study?

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Welcome back to the Bible Study series. We have now looked at the difference between reading and studying the Bible. We talked about different Bible translations. Last week we looked at some Bible Study tools. So this week we are going to tackle the question that often pops up when we want to start studying the Bible: which book to choose?

I know some like to study a topic at a time, like love, hope or grace. However, at least for me it is a lot clearer to study books of the Bible. I pretty much always recommend doing that, unless you clearly feel led to do a topical study.

The Gospel of Mark

If you want to study something that adds to your faith in a lot of ways, I would recommend starting with the Gospel of Mark. It is the shortest of all the Gospels. Also I think the Gospel of Mark is very clear, making it easy to study and to understand. You can always add more details into the story you are studying from the other Gospels. But I think the Gospel of Mark is a great one to start with, especially for those who are new to faith.

As for the other Gospels, the Gospel of John is the favorite of many people. It actually holds some events that the other Gospels do not, like some miracles of Jesus. John is very much focused on love and gives a great insight into the trinity as well, I think. The Gospel of Matthew is actually my favorite. It holds the well-known Beatitudes, the genealogy of Christ, and other very special events. The book of Matthew is also fairly easy to read and understand, I think.


Another good book that grows your faith and the basics of your faith, is the book of Romans. The book of Romans is Apostle Paul’s letter to Christians in Rome. It is, in short, the clearest presentation of the Christian doctrine. It covers the sinfulness of humans, our justification in Christ, and sanctification. Romans in an important book for all of us to study, I think, as it really does go over the Christian doctrine.


The book of James is a good one to study. I have actually studied through the book of James a few times, and I have been very much challenged every time. However, I love James for its practicality. It’s easy to apply for every believer — that is, the application of the passage is clear. Whether it’s actually easy to apply it to your life, is a different matter.

I made a study guide for James. Each week has five days for you to read and study the passage of the week, as well as some questions to take you further in your studies. Find the study guide here.

1 Peter

We all go through trials. Maybe you are in one right now, or maybe you have just gone through one. If neither, then I would guess a trial will be coming your way fairly soon. 1 Peter is a beautiful book to study as it holds so much encouragement for us who are walking through a trial. In 1 Peter, we learn to trust God in and through our trials and suffering. In fact, 1 Peter is one of my favorite books of the Bible, as it really is beautiful and encouraging (and challenging!).

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    1. Becky, I’m right there with you! It often feels like it takes so much effort to even start studying a book but that isn’t really true at all.

  1. Such a great topic to tackle, because I’ve actually spoken to women who delay reading just because they don’t know where to begin! I always say that reading anything is better than reading nothing!

    1. Thanks Michele! I totally get that, as I find it can feel a bit overwhelming at times to decide what to study and how. But that’s so true — reading something is always better than reading nothing!

  2. Thank you for the very good summaries of some of the books of the Bible. I agree with you – the book of Mark is a great place to begin.

    1. Thanks Laurie! The gospel of Mark is often a bit overlooked. We are studying through it right now on Sundays at church and I’m thinking more and more what a great book it really is for all of us!

  3. You’d never believe how many people want to read Revelation with little Bible knowledge and practically zero ancient history. I always tell people I live in the book of John about the love of Jesus. I just finished a month of Proverbs, and Psalms is always good.

    1. Going through the Proverbs in a month is such a wonderful idea! I love the Psalms and they make for a wonderful study, but a long one at that.