Worship Wednesday Spotify Playlist

Spotify playlist

A few months ago, I started sharing some song recommendations on my Instagram. They were mainly worship songs that I loved that day or week or month. I started this as I am often looking for new “Jesus songs” (as my sister calls them) to listen to. I spend a lot of time in my car as driving is a big part of my job, and I always have some songs playing in the background.

Soon enough, this turned out to be quite the popular feature and it then turned into Worship Wednesday. This still remains popular after all these weeks and months — and honestly, I love sharing these songs with you. Often they are new songs I have just discovered; but some weeks there are some golden “classic worship songs” as well. All songs that help my heart worship the Lord, through the lyrics or the beauty or the beat of the song.

Then a sweet friend messaged me, telling me that she would love a playlist with all these songs I’m recommending. Mainly because she has been loving these songs but it takes work to look them up one by one after watching my Instagram stories. And honestly, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before! So I made a Spotify playlist.

This playlist is called Worship Wednesday, true to its name on my Instagram stories. Right now it holds songs that I know I have recommended before; songs that I still love and listen to often. I will be adding to this playlist every Wednesday, as well as still recommending them on Instagram.

For new worship song recommendations, head over to my Instagram stories on Wednesdays. Go follow the playlist on Spotify, as new songs will be added to the playlist every week as well. Most of all, please give some feedback! I love hearing which songs you are loving as well. I’m also always looking for new recommendations as well, so hit me up with them!

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  1. I have your list playing right now! Thanks for sharing, Ronja. One song I am enjoying right now is “Only Jesus” by Casting Crowns. Thanks for sharing on Grace & Truth.